The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything (H2G2 – Douglas Adams)


  • Peer reviews
    • Actual developer, not former developer
  • Technical debt
    • Continuous improvement
  • Measuring quality
    • Is the code readable ?
    • Is the code verbose ?
    • Is the code testable ?
    • What’s the code coverage ?
  • Improve quality
    • Don’t compromise
    • Start early
  • Individual effort
  • Team effort
    • Avoid shortcuts
    • Collective ownership
    • Constant code review
    • Bus factor (
      • How many people would your project have to loose (run over by a bus) for it to fail.
      • Global optimisation vs Local optimisation
    • Code for clarity -> code self documenting
      • Comment should not be explaining the obvious
      • Don’t comment clever code
        • Rewrite it to make it simple (Remember KISS)


  • Practice tactical peer code review
  • untested code -> unfinished code
  • Make code coverage and metrics visible
  • Don’t tolerate anyone trashing your code
  • Write self-documenting code and only comment why
  • Use tools to check the code
  • Use tools to continuously test
  • Treat warnings as errors
  • Keep change small
  • KISS : Keep It Simple Stupid


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